THE BLOG Review – Web Hosting Buzz as an Example of the Knee-Jerk Reaction Web Host

December 18th, 20120 comments

In this post, I highlighted two webhosts I’ve had consistently good experiences with over the last 2-3 years. What I didn’t do is highlight some bad web hosts to avoid. Let me change that.

The importance of having a good webhost can’t be overstated for an online business. If your website is not online, then you aren’t making money.

So let me get down to the details of this post. You have two bad types of webhosts.

1. The web host that has lots of technical issues and down time
2. The web host that has poor support, knee-jerk reactions and suspends your site before taking the time to contact you

Today, I’m talking about Web Hosting Buzz, …

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20 Free Tools For Starting An Online Business

December 17th, 20120 comments

My friend sent me a link to his resource 20 Free Resources To Launch A Startup In Your Dorm Room and there I think it’s pretty good so I’m sharing it with the College Startup community.

Let me just note that I have personal recommendations based on experience that differ slightly, so let me give you a few of my suggestions:

Analytics & Conversions
Clicky (the live analytics on this are priceless)

Web Hosting
TigerTech (I’m not getting a commission off this, I just really like them as a host). For ease of use, and lately, solid up-time, though not quite as fanatical support, I’d recommend Dreamhost (again, not getting paid for any of these links, …

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The Long Arc

November 24th, 20120 comments

The real opportunity, I think, is in trying to build longer arcs. Now that the cycle of new is eating itself in a race to ever-faster, there’s a bigger chance to make long term change by consistently focusing on what works (and what’s important), not what’s new and merely shiny.

- Seth Godin, The decline of fascination and the rise in ennui

I read this bit of wisdom today from the great sage, Seth Godin, and boy does it resonate. I often attribute my business success to two main factors: perseverance and “the long view” and really they are two aspects of the same thing: the long arc.

Every time I meet someone who asks me about my …

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Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett

July 31st, 20120 comments

Warren Buffett is one of my heroes. A true bootstrapping entrepreneur. If you study the decisions he makes and pay attention to the way he lives his life, you’ll have a great model for starting up a new business. Here’s a good infographic that sums up Buffett’s general investing philosophies: what you should note is that each of these lessons applies to starting and running a small business as well. Why? Because a small business should be a type of smart investment: an investment of time, money, energy and mental effort. If you can remember these principles you’ll be in good shape.

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Making Money Online Is About Making Recommendations That People Trust

July 28th, 20120 comments

I’ve had the most success making money online with the following algorithm:

1) Give people a few good options that will meet their needs: Narrow down choices in a smart, and useable way
2) Maximize the number of people who visit your website with needs that match your options
3) Encourage the people who find your website to choose one of your options
4) Be trustworthy (make sure your recommendations are defensible)

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