Green business ideas for dormers

December 29th, 20080 comments

It seems like everywhere you look there’s an advertisement for green living. As I’ve always had a soft spot for the environment, I personally welcome this development. People are finally “getting it”, and they’re showing support by actually buying green products and services. In short, prospects are good. Countless studies have shown that this generation of young people want to work for more than just the money – we’d like to know that it’s making a positive impact. Starting an eco-friendly business does both, and may prove to be quite fulfilling.

Here are some ideas:

Dorm Recycling Drive. We’re notorious for buying too much and buying them too little. Most dorm rooms are small, but are cramped further because of various clutter. You can go around and ask people to give you some of them, which they’ll probably be only too happy to let go (either for free or for a small fee). You might be able to find hidden gems that you can sell on eBay and other places. You can also hold “used item swaps” within the campus, or even create art pieces from your haul. Look at these stylish recycled furniture for example.

Eco-consulting. If you study a field that has a capacity to make a huge impact on the environment like architecture, electronics & electrical engineering, interior design, and others, why not moonlight as an eco-consultant? Start with small community projects that could enjoy long-term benefits such as lower energy use and sustainability by implementing cost-effective green measures. It would take a lot of research and is definitely more challenging, but it also has enormous potential.

I’m sure you can think others that are even better than this. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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