Online Business Idea: Start a hiring firm

January 31st, 20080 comments

I’ve got to confess. The hardest part of online work for me is finding quality, motivated workers with the proper skill set. It just consumes way too much of my time and I’m not very good at it (at least not efficient). I’d pay a premium for a company who could give the following:

A. One Week Turnaround
B. Quality filters – a system for finding reliable, hard workers
C. Expert targeted – a system to find people with proper experience
D. A simple process that only took me, the employer, about 15 minutes (an easy to fill out form)

I’d pay at least $200 per job submission if I felt confident that the system would output a top notch employee with minimal input from me.

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Online Business Idea: Start a hiring firm was written by Ryan on January 31st, 2008 at 9:46 am and posted in Business Ideas

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