How to use PPC campaigns effectively

June 14th, 20061 Comment

Brian Clark wrote a great article today on how to use pay per click advertising campaigns effectively.

I think the best part of the article are the 5 tips he gives:

1. The first thing to do is build a ultra-specific page to send the search traffic to, called a landing page. Depending on the variety of key words you are bidding on, you may even build several landing pages that each narrowly address the specific needs of that searcher.

2. When I say “searchers,” I mean searchers. Do not participate in contextual advertising programs on publisher sites. I think we’ve all seen enough AdSense spam to understand part of the reasoning here. But even on reputable sites, contextual advertising brings too many “curiosity clicks” that kill your return on investment. You want people who are actively looking for what you are offering. You can choose to opt-out of non-search traffic with both Google and Yahoo.

3. The landing page does not sell your product or service. This is key. You instead offer a quality free resource –- a mini-course, ebook, teleseminar, or other type of tutorial that is directly related to what you are ultimately selling. By teaching people about the subject matter of your product or service, you are actually engaging in a highly effective form of selling, all while establishing a relationship.

4. Whatever your free offer, it must be delivered by an email or RSS autoresponder that allows you to stay in contact with the prospect.

5. You should explicitly inform your prospects that in addition to the free resource you are offering, they will also be receiving your email newsletter / blog updates. Make sure you make this part of your offer as enticing as possible. You’re delivering valuable, relevant content on a regular basis, right?

Obviously these are powerful if you’re just getting into the pay-per-click advertising campaign arena. I have been experimenting with PPC lately and I wish I had read this article first. I’m actually working on an ebook or two (more information on that soon) and this should help quite a bit when we plan to start selling them.

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How to use PPC campaigns effectively

Dominic | June 14, 2006

Very useful.
Thanks for pointing this out. I’m about to co-launch a product and would have ended up wasting some money without this information.

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