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If you are really good at a certain field – be it academic or skill-based – you have a huge opportunity right under your nose. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a degree yet. In fact, that point could be to your advantage. As a college student, you can earn a considerable income just by setting up your own tutorial service.

Tutoring is nothing new. Even during the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, people were always on the lookout for a good tutor to further their knowledge and hone their skills. In today’s modern age, this need has not changed one bit. From elementary school pupils to high school studentd, and even college students, the demand for effective tutors still remains. If you play your cards right then you just might end up earning more than you thought you would.

So how do you go about starting a tutorial business? First of all, decide on what specific services you would like to offer. Are you going to focus on academic tutorials or skill-based tutorials? Of course, vital to your decision would be what you are capable of teaching. If you are a math major for example, you can offer math tutorials. If you are good in Chemistry then you can offer to help struggling Chemistry students. If you have above average skills in areas such as music and sports, you can also advertise tutorials for them. Piano lessons, guitar lessons, and the like are a good way to earn money. You can also opt to offer other tutorial services such as computer troubleshooting and Internet know-how. You might be surprised at the number of people who are in need of such services!

Once you have decided exactly what you are going to offer, then it’s time to determine your target clients. Do you want to focus on elementary school students or do you want to teach college students? For skill-based tutorials, do you have a certain age group that you want to cater to? It might be tempting to have the widest scope possible but it is also a good idea to narrow down your target market to what you specialize in. This is a case where quality wins over quantity. Besides, limiting your clientele to a certain group doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get fewer clients. In fact, as word of your excellent service gets around, you will probably be swamped with new clients.

In the beginning, what you should really aim for is a marked improvement in your tutees’ performance – be it academic or extra curricular. This is especially crucial for elementary and high school students. Their parents – the ones who pay – will be looking out for results. So focus on getting results from your students. Your target is to actually impart something to them during your tutorial sessions. It would also help if you write yourself up a professional-looking resume, with all your relevant credentials. Once your satisfied clients start talking about you, it would be easier for you to promote your business if you have your resume to present to potential clients.

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Start A Tutorial Service

Marco | September 29, 2006

You may find this article interesting: (which is vaguely related)

It’s about tutoring services and a scam that has been operating in Australia.

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