Get a Personal Website. An Entrepreneur Basic

November 8th, 20076 Comments

Owning a personal website is something that I think is very important as a young entrepreneur. Just $60 (or less) per year for hosting is a small price to pay for the many benefits personal websites offer young business people.

Some Personal Website Benefits

1. Identity control – By owning, you’ll have control over what information about you is available to friends, family, colleagues, and potential partners in the search engines. John Chow and evidently many other Americans are going so far as to choose baby names based on domain names available. So I’d be sure to get your available .com while you still can to take control of your identity.

2. Professional Contacts – With your friends, Facebook is enough to stay in touch, but you may not want to refer professional contacts to your Facebook profile for a variety of reasons. Instead, using your personal homepage as a contact reference point is a good idea. While networking, include your homepage in your contact info along with your phone number and email. If your site is set up well, it will make a good impression.

3. Resume/Portfolio – If you want to put a resume online, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Keeping an up to date resume or portfolio of your current projects/businesses might impress a few people.

If you’re itching for a rough example, check out my site: Nick.


I Want a Website. So how do I set one up?

You will need hosting, a domain, and a design. Simple enough. Hosting and a domain can both be purchased from GoDaddy. I’ve had good experiences with them, and they’re cheap. A domain costs $9/year, and hosting will cost $4/month. Money can be saved if you purchase hosting and domains for a longer period of time up front, which I recommend doing anyways to avoid the hassle.

For a design a simple static site will suffice. If you have no html/css experience, setting up a Wordpess blog may be a better option since absolutely no experience is necessary. Godaddy has a one-click install option for a WordPress blog as well, so they can guide you through the necessary steps to get online.
Setting up a personal website is a small investment into your future that is worth it. It may not land you your dream business partnership or job, but it will be sure not to lose it for you if done correctly.

And finally, I’d love to help out anyone interested in setting up their own site. If you need a simple design or have hosting and domain questions, I can give you a few pointers. To get in touch, just refer to my own personal site, Nick Ochsner dot com. See how handy it can be? But on my site, I have yet to create a real resume, so don’t think what I have will suffice. It’s just there for example.

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Get a Personal Website. An Entrepreneur Basic

Ryan | November 8, 2007

Probably the biggest headache I’ve had in my entire career has been finding good, consistent web hosts with great customer service…service that continues years, not months into the future.

Dave | November 8, 2007

I hear you, ryan. I’ve been through ANHosting (a daughter of midphase, or something) and they were terrible. I’ve since moved on to dreamhosting which has been excellent so far. I’m only on the 6.99/month plan but I can host as many sites as I want. You get shell access so if you don’t see support for a particular languagee, you can install it.

I highly recommend

Celine | November 8, 2007

Nice site Nick! Your advice was right on the mark.

Ryan: It helps to make friends with people who own hosting companies. I’m friends with one of my hosts, and that makes customer service very personal. I don’t have to wait in line, I just have to send in an email to their personal address.

Nick | November 8, 2007

Yeah finding a good host can be a hassle. I went for the cheapest right away and got burned a couple times. Now I’m just sticking with Dreamhost, which is working very well. I can also recommend GoDaddy if you just want to host one site for $4/month

raj | November 9, 2007

I’ve found GoDaddy no better nor worse than any other hosting company I’ve been using. If you find a good company, stick with them. My experience is that they all have some strange, annoying quirks.

Jeff | November 18, 2007

John Chow and evidently many other Americans are going so far as to choose baby names based on domain names available.

FYI: John Chow is Canadian :)

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