My new blog acquisition – Going green

July 16th, 20082 Comments

I was able to finally close the deal on a new blog that was for sale. This is only my second acquisition and it’s a bit more spendy than my first one about a year ago which was also documented on this blog (My new niche travel blog). Cancun Blog has made well over it’s purchase price of just $200, and I think my next one has even greater potential.

The new blog is, a Green Eco Friendly News, environmental issues blog. Green everything is already booming and will continue to do so, so getting in the niche now seems to be a smart move long term for the next three years or so. But for the important part, the numbers:

  • PageRank4
  • 9 months old
  • 10,000 visitors/month
  • Adsense revenues of $50-60/month
  • Private ad was $50/month
  • Price: $700

The blog had a little rough history after changing owners not too long ago, and it has definitely been very under monetized, with a lot of that due to lack of effort and asking too much for prices.

My plan

I immediately implemented a new design with a professional logo while transferring all the accounts over to myself. For content, I’m having a hard time deciding which direction to take the blog – a more offbeat satirical/entertaining commentary or a more newsy type informative. I may try a mix of the two since I’ll be writing the content initially for a couple months and then take it from there. As for green niches, I’ll stay general and cover everything environmental – energy, travel, business, tech, and policy with a little conservation, living tips, and animal stuff.

Monetization Plan

  • I’m relying on Adsense as the backbone now. It’s doing fine, but I hate having all my eggs in one basket
  • Text Links – I hate text links as well since I don’t want Google to hate me. However, I may sell them to recoup my investment sooner.
  • Affiliate ads – I’m really struggling finding good affiliates within the eco friendly / green niche, but I’m still looking. I’m hoping to find an affiliate that could come up with at least $25/month in revenues.
  • Private Ads – The barrier between me doing okay and really well hinges on private ads. The site used to have a private button ad for $50/month, but I didn’t bank on that revenue when I purchased it since it smelled a bit fishy. But if I can land a couple small private advertisements and reviews, I’ll be doing great.


I have a lot of work yet, but hopefully July concludes well so I’ll be a little less anxious about my investment. I’m getting a little weary of the potential of the site after seeing that all the industry leaders right now are nonprofit blogs. I expected the green niche not to be as profit driven and commercial as the travel niche, but not to the extent that I’m finding it to be when searching for advertisers… it’s kind of scary.

But I’m looking forward to developing this site in a new niche for me and give you the opportunity to follow this new venture of mine if you feel like it. Questions or comments appreciated, and you can always contact me through the site if you want to work together at all.

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My new blog acquisition – Going green

Missy | July 22, 2008

Looks like a sweet buy. Did you snag this one on DP?

Nick | July 24, 2008

Sitepoint, actually. I don’t check DP as much anymore since there is so much crap there – proxies, automated blogs, etc. It’s hard to find the legit established sites

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