10 Most popular websites for college students

November 26th, 20080 comments

If you want to target your peers, where do you go? Based on a survey by Youth Trends, it seems Facebook still dominates the attention of the college crowd. There were 1,057 participants in the study, with ages falling between 18 and 24. Dividing the respondents to male and female gives an interesting look at online habits by gender.

This study only highlights the importance of mastering social media marketing. Simple things like fixing your profile to subtly mention the product or service you’re offering, seeking out people with similar interests to add as friends, as well as those who are already friends of your customers. Definitely easier to convince people if they know someone who has given you a thumb’s up.

Aside from that, it also gives some ideas on what markets are potentially lucrative. For the male demographic, sports, movie, and music blogs can easily find an audience, especially if localized (home-grown bands, college football team, etc). Merchandise related to these could also sell well. As for the female demographic, celebrity and local news blogs would seem to be good bets. Perhaps a sort of service for eBay and craigslist would also be welcome, focused on helping busy students find what they want in these sites, and making sure they win the all-too-stressful bidding wars. I know some people who’d be interested in something like that.

Can you think of other opportunities from this list?

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