Secrets To Building Links To Your Niche Minisite

July 2nd, 20074 Comments

Ok ok. What I am about to show you is classified. If I showed this to EVERYONE — oh snap. I am. Follow my lead closely. You are about to get the secret to building links the easy no brainer way. I’m still polishing out my niche mini site. I’ve only spent like 2 minutes on it really.

Let’s head over to one of the review pages on the site. It’s called The Log Siding Guide, the section I want to point out is a specific competitor’s review. You might wonder how in the world I could get a competitor to link to one of my sites. And this is exactly how. I set up a review site with my top 10 competitors. I put up basic information and solicit reviews. Some of these will be real, and some will be gleaned from their own website.

I then turn around and email them the url. And bang many of them —- WILL link to this site. Now just a quick note. All outbound links on my site are NoFollow. I know. I know exactly what you are thinking. This is evil. And it is. But it works.

And folks this is what is called The Ultimate WordPress Link Silo. Basically you will have relevant inbound links coming in. if you only get a few that’s ok. All of them passing pagerank, and all the outbound pagerank passing will be headed into my actual ecommerce website and the link quality will be hugely golden passing that third party pagerank from El Competitoro.

Ladies. Gentleman. Stand aside. This is what is called Smart (almost Unethical) SEO. It’s a fine fence we must not cross. And the site will rank well and be a genuine adsense money maker if done right for years and years to come. On top of getting links from the competion we are also getting their marvelous ad dollars. This is the part I’m not sure is ethical. It’s like the competition is basically handing us Our Living without us doing any work.

This is what I get for spending to much time over at Blue Hat SEO.

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Secrets To Building Links To Your Niche Minisite

Fin | July 2, 2007

Good thinking but why would they want to link to your website? I’ll be watching this, I’m really curious if they will actually link to your web or not :)

[...] usually like David Krug’s stuff, but this tip from him seems a tad shady. Basically, you start an informational blog about your niche. Next, you [...]

You are damn evil! :) )
I am going to try this!

SEO Warfare | July 13, 2007

Yes, yes yes my friend: now you’re thinking outside the box. I am happy you found this technique but there’s lots more you can do with this. I have a series on SEO Warfare and I plan on revealing a mutation of this technique in an upcoming post. Very nice work though.

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